The Team

Our small team of family and friends are a social bunch, partly because we’re keen to tell the world about the bounties of our land. Below are the key characters who have turned a potato pipe dream into refined reality.

Graeme & Caroline


Born and raised on Ogilvy Farm in Angus, Graeme has studied agriculture from Aberdeen to Australia, so it’s fair to say that farming’s in his blood.

As a qualified interior designer with a confirmed case of wanderlust, Caroline’s artistic talents have been a big boon for the Ogilvy adventure.



Having previously worked off-shore as a chemical engineer, Ali joined the Ogilvy team in 2017 and is now responsible for the production of our range of vodka and cocktails. Always up for a challenge, Ali created our very popular new Creme de Cassis liqueur.


Founding Distiller

Abhishek Banik, to give him his full name, originally hails from Calcutta and excelled in designing our still, the distillery, and creating our award winning recipe.



Joined the farm in August 2013 and is a fully qualified joiner and tractor operator. Robbie’s been a huge help to Graeme and Eric since joining the team.

Eric & Grace

Farmer & Farmer's Wife

A lifelong native of Hatton of Ogilvy Farm, Eric retains a real love of working the land (especially harvesting potatoes). He’s still very actively involved; so much so that Graeme has a hard time getting ‘Dad’ to take a break. Grace is an expert at keeping her boys in order, which is a fairly rare requirement. Just as well, because she runs a B&B at the farmhouse, using all manner of homemade and local goodies for breakfast.

Fly & Star


Star has been part of the family for 13 years and rules the roost. He has a hard time keeping new guy Fly in check.


The Still

A specially-constructed column-pot-still which distils both our wash and spirit in turn. Unique in appearance due to its stainless steel cladding (copper is typically used), Spud highlights how a contemporary, scientific approach can be successfully married with traditional farming practices.


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