Ogilvy Farm

Nestled in the heart of Angus, Hatton of Ogilvy Farm reclines across rich land of rare heritage. Tended by our family for four generations, a steading built to last has now produced a Scottish first.

Our Story

An authentic tale of craft and graft, spuds and science, small-scale quality and big ideas. At its root is our family’s affinity with the land, a bond which inspired the creation of Ogilvy premium potato vodka.

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Our Fields & Beyond

The turf and terrain that a farm inhabits are vital to its everyday life. At our home in the East Sidlaw Hills, the patchwork of fields sustain mixed farming with beef cows, cereals and those all-important potatoes.

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Our Surroundings

‘Ogilvy’ means ‘high plain’ in an old Celtic tongue and our farm sits inland above the Strathmore valley, some 12 miles from the North Sea. Here, in the rolling countryside of Angus, history and heritage are always close at hand.

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