“Around 60% of our land is used for cropping spuds.”

Our Fields & Beyond

The turf and terrain that a farm inhabits are vital to its everyday life. At our home in the East Sidlaw Hills, the patchwork of fields sustain mixed farming with beef cows, cereals and those all-important potatoes.

A land of pasture and plough

Ogilvy Farm comprises 34 fields ranging in size from a single hectare to 10. They form a rural tapestry that’s hemmed with history; centuries-old drystone dykes mark boundaries, while traditional stone cundies aid drainage. Some benefit from a field margin: a border of grass and wild bird mixture intended to encourage wildlife and protect water courses.

Around 60% of our land is used for cropping spuds, which love the fertile, deep soil of our low-lying land and the rich nutrients and minerals in its make-up (naturally boosted by abundant manure from our cattle). Our current potato varieties are King Edward, Maris Piper, Estima, Valor and Cultra, grown on rotation in the fields once every six years, with other crops raised between times.


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